Who do we represent?

The AH&MRC is the peak body representing Aboriginal communities in NSW and works with state and federal governments, researchers and others. We contribute Aboriginal community perspectives into the design, analysis, interpretation and reporting of Aboriginal information, evaluation, Continuous Quality Improvement and research.

What do we do?

We provide advice about and endorse arrangements and structures for Aboriginal community control of Aboriginal health and wellbeing related research and evaluation. We work with those involved in research and evaluations that are state-wide or involve multiple sites in NSW. Endorsement can include providing letters of support for those projects where Aboriginal community advice and support is sought and where there are appropriate Aboriginal Community Governance measures in place.

What is our position on research?

The AH&MRC is committed to strengthening the role of the NSW Aboriginal Community Controlled Health sector in research and evaluation. We are bound by the NHMRC National Statement, AH&MRC Ethical Guidelines, the AH&MRC Constitution and the NSW Health Information Guidelines to guide our involvement in and assessment of research and evaluation.

”Aboriginal people have... rights and responsibilities of ownership regarding their health and health-related information. This includes the right to protect and care for the use of this information, the right to determine culturally appropriate forms for its reporting, and the right to grant or withhold permission from other agencies or organisations for its use...”

NSW Aboriginal Health Information Guidelines, NSW Health and AHRC, 1998 (page 4)

For more information on the AH&MRC Ethics Committee please see the AH&MRC Ethics Page.

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