The Commonwealth Department of Health and AH&MRC, in partnership with the jurisdictions, have endorsed Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) as a key strategy to ensure Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHSs) are effective, sustainable and reflect local Aboriginal community needs. AH&MRC has re-established the CQI Support Program with funding from the Commonwealth Department of Health.


The CQI Support Program aims to build the capacity and capability of ACCHSs to undertake quality improvement initiatives, both clinical and non-clinical, within their primary health care service to ultimately improve patient health outcomes.

The CQI Support Program aims to:

  • provide a strength-based approach to CQI;
  • use and generate evidence to inform best practice;
  • support and advocate for ACCHSs and their comprehensive;
  • integrated primary health care approach, build and maintain active partnerships with NSW ACCHSs;
  • improve the quality of care provided to patients in a local context;
  • improve patient health outcomes; and
  • to contribute to achieving health equity and social justice.

The CQI Support Program offers ongoing support to NSW ACCHSs to develop and support the CQI programs, across both clinical and non-clinical services, to ultimately improve patient health outcomes.

Join our CQI Network

Please join our AH&MRC CQI Network on Yammer. To do so, please use the contact page and select CQI as an enquiry.


The CQI Support Program is currently developing the CQI Network, which will work with ACCHSs across NSW to develop CQI initiatives, support learning, education and share knowledge and learnings. This will be achieved through regular communication, sharing sessions, site-exchange opportunities, accredited and non-accredited training, and encouragement of ongoing education to ensure ongoing sustainability and capability.

Currently, the CQI Support Team is:

  • developing an online platform for CQI support to NSW ACCHSs;
  • providing PIMS Data Quality On-Site Training to NSW ACCHSs;
  • developing the CQI Network, which aims to encourage collaboration between NSW ACCHSs;
  • developing scholarships, awards and grant schemes for NSW ACCHSs;
  • developing accredited and non-accredited training programs to be offered by the Aboriginal Health College of NSW and AH&MRC;
  • planning AH&MRC-sponsored collaboratives;
  • accepting suggestions for regional workshops from NSW ACCHSs; and
  • working collaboratively with jurisdictional CQI affiliates.

AH&MRC - Sponsored Collaboratives

AH&MRC are currently sponsoring nine member services to participate in a collaborative project, which explores current practice and specific opportunities to strengthen the delivery of Brief Interventions (BIs) in ACCHSs. The project aims to:

  • describe current NSW ACCHSs approaches to delivery of BIs for smoking cessation;
  • support NSW ACCHSs in the planning and implementation of CQI activities to strengthen the delivery of BIs;
  • identify and evaluate indicators to support ACCHS delivery of BIs; and
  • share tools, resources and stories useful to ACCHSs in the delivery of BIs.

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