The Aboriginal Health College is the result of a long term vision of the Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council (AH&MRC) of New South Wales to establish and maintain an Aboriginal community controlled educational institution to provide culturally appropriate accredited education courses in Aboriginal health.

In pursuit of this vision the AH&MRC Board endorsed the establishment of the College in 1999 and Registered Training Organisation (RTO) status was achieved in 2004.

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Since then the Aboriginal Health College has successfully developed and delivered accredited educational programs.


The Aboriginal Health College has four strategic objectives directed at:

  1. increasing the number of Aboriginal health professionals who possess qualifications relevant to the needs of clients serviced by Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHSs) and by the NSW Health Department. These qualifications do or will span entry level qualifications through to university degrees and diplomas, for Aboriginal Health Workers, Nurses, and allied health professionals
  2. developing the professional skills of Managers, Supervisors, and Finance Administrators working within ACCHSs. These employees are required to respond to new and emerging requirements relating to business management, information management, accountability, planning, and external linkages and coordination
  3. strengthening the governance capabilities of elected ACCHS Boards / Governing Committees.  There are tangible pressures on elected Aboriginal community members to respond to legislative, regulatory and contractual obligations; to provide strategic leadership to their organisations; and to articulate community needs and expectations
  4. providing professional development opportunities to non-Aboriginal health professionals working with Aboriginal clients, families and communities.   The principal occupational categories are General Practitioners, Nurses, and allied health professionals


The Aboriginal Health College formally commenced delivery of educational services in 2003 and currently delivers courses leading to a range of qualifications in various fields including Primary Health Care, Sexual Health, Social and Emotional Wellbeing, Alcohol and Other Drug Work, Problem Gambling, Counseling, Dementia Care, Management and Training Assessment.

The Aboriginal Health College develops and customises its own course materials. New programs are continually under development and a check of our scope of registration provides current details of registered courses.

Venue and Location

The Aboriginal Health College of NSW is located at Little Bay. The building has been designed to reflect the health focus of the College and fully utilises the unique environment of this beautiful and historic site.

The Aboriginal Health College is a 3 storey state of the art facility, enabling the opportunity to host workshops, seminars and conferences to further enhance Aboriginal health. The design provides for cross-ventilation to assist with vertical and horizontal ventilation, as well as for visual connections between floors. There is a strong sense of integration between the building’s facilities and a sense of student inclusion and spirit within its design. It offers an enhanced and safe learning space.

Facilities include a 180 seat auditorium with Video Conference and recording facilities, 4 tutorial/lecture rooms, a large board room, 2 clinic practice rooms, library area, outdoor learning areas, informal gathering areas and limited underground parking.

Contact Details


35 Harvey Street
Little Bay NSW 2036

Postal Address

PO Box 193
Matraville NSW 2036

All correspondence should be addressed to the Manager Education and Training.


(02) 9019 0730


(02) 9019 0736



For eMail enquiries please use the contact form on the Aboriginal Health College website.

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