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Ethics Committees deal with ensuring that the participant has provided informed consent, that their privacy has been considered, that there is benefit to the research, that the participants are safe and that vulnerable communities are not taken advantage of.

About Us

The AH&MRC Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) operates as a fully constituted HREC under the National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) legislation. The AH&MRC must also review all applications as greater than low-risk and approval is for all participants, not just Aboriginal participants.

A role of the AH&MRC Ethics Committee in considering applications for ethical approval for research projects and to ensure that the project represents the views and interests of Aboriginal people across New South Wales.

Why does AH&MRC have an Ethics Committee?

The AH&MRC Ethics Committee deals with not only ensuring that research is conducted in an ethical manner, but that research is also undertaken with Aboriginal people in a culturally appropriate manner. This means that there is community consultation at all levels and that the project is designed with the Aboriginal community.

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