The AH&MRC Chronic Disease Program is funded by the NSW Ministry of Health and has been operating since 2009.

Background to Program

The aim of the Chronic Disease Program is to build capacity of NSW Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services [ACCHSs] in the prevention and management of chronic disease.

Program objectives are:

  • Increase the capacity of NSW ACCHSs to develop and sustain comprehensive approaches to the prevention and management of chronic disease

  • Increase access to timely, quality and relevant information about prevention and management of Aboriginal chronic disease within NSW ACCHSs

  • Facilitate health professional networking opportunities for NSW ACCHS staff working in prevention and management of chronic disease

  • Develop productive collaborative partnerships with government and non-government organisations involved or potentially involved in Aboriginal chronic disease.

What does the Chronic Disease Program offer?

For ACCHS staff

Attendance at an annual series of regional chronic disease workshops

  • Workshops are designed around the needs of ACCHS and their staff
  • Raises awareness of good practice for chronic disease prevention and management in Aboriginal communities
  • Sharing of good news stories from ACCHSs and networking
  • All upcoming Chronic Disease workshop events are listed in the Events calendar page

Attendance at a biennial chronic disease conference


  • AH&MRC Tackling Tobacco and Chronic Conditions Conference: Caring for Community, 3 – 4 May 2016, in Sydney
  • Download the conference program and presentations (378mb)


  • Growing Stronger Living Longer: AH&MRC Chronic Disease Conference 2014 was held 5 & 6 May, 2014 in Sydney


  • Living Longer Stronger: AH&MRC Chronic Disease Conference 2012 was held 19 & 20 June, 2012 in Sydney

Engage in communication of available grants, resources, and training through the Chronic Disease Email Network [CDEN] weekly newsletter

  • Receive weekly updates on relevant information that impacts or can support chronic disease activities in ACCHS in NSW
  • CDEN is a main communication method of activities undertaken in AH&MRCs Chronic Disease Program
  • If you would like to join the CDEN, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask to be subscribed to the newsletter, listing your job role, organisation, and an alternative contact to your email

Input to development, and receiving of resources

  • Resources are developed with ACCHS staff to support prevention and management of chronic disease in Aboriginal communities
  • Please see below for resources produced as part of the Program

Engagement with Experts in Chronic Disease

  • 'Yarning About' provides the opportunity to seek, share and receive information in a personal, tailored, interactive way
  • 'Experts' in various fields of chronic disease prevention and management speak with ACCHS staff during a one hour teleconference bi-monthly

Receive support through site visits

  • AH&MRC Chronic Disease Team members have visited services on request from ACCHS to assist in prevention and management of chronic disease.

For other stakeholders in Aboriginal health in NSW

  • Communication of activities relating to the ACCHS sector through the Chronic Disease Email Network [CDEN] weekly newsletter
  • Attendance at a bi- annual chronic disease conference for NSW ACCHSs
  • Attendance at an annual series of regional chronic disease workshops for ACCHS staff (dependent on places available)

Receiving resources

  • Dependent on funding at times these may be available for non ACCHS staff

Recently developed resources

Please note, that not all these listed resources are available in hardcopy. PDF versions are available on this page.

  • Living Longer Stronger Resource Kit: The Resource Kit includes a specialist poster to help patients identify the health professionals they may need to see according to their chronic disease, an Aboriginal Health Worker Guide to assist AHWs to talk with their patients about their chronic disease and a patient tool that will help patients understand how their body is affected by their disease.
  • 10/10 Deadly Health Stories
  • Aboriginal Cancer Journeys: Our stories of kinship, hope and survival and cancer fact sheets: This booklet was produced by the AH&MRC and Cancer Council NSW, and includes the stories of Aboriginal people affected by cancer. A series of fact sheets about cancer were also developed.

  • Radio Health Messages: Gadigal Information Service (Aboriginal Corporation) in partnership with the Chronic Disease Team developed audio messages to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles and health checks. Click here to download the MP3 files.

Contact the AH&MRC if you’d like further information on any of these activities.


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