Cancer is the second leading cause of death for Aboriginal people in NSW and a priority health issue.

The Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council (AH&MRC) Cancer Project aims to improve cancer awareness, care and outcomes for Aboriginal people in NSW by building knowledge, skills and networks among health professionals and community members.

Aims of the AH&MRC Cancer Project

  • Improve awareness of the whole cancer pathway among Aboriginal people and the workers that support them
  • Strengthen and support health services and local-led Aboriginal cancer networks to implement initiatives to improve cancer care and awareness in their area
  • To facilitate the involvement of Aboriginal people and local representatives in priority settings to achieve improved cancer outcomes
  • Enhance linkages and coordination between organisations and health professionals across NSW who are involved in addressing cancer


The AH&MRC Cancer Project delivers a range of activities including:

  • Convene an annual statewide Aboriginal cancer forum to build skills and networks among Aboriginal health professionals, community members and mainstream services
  • Deliver local workshops and planning sessions
  • Assist local groups to develop information and support initiatives based on their identified priorities
  • Provide regular email communication to a large network to share updated information, resources and upskilling opportunities
  • Collect and share examples of successful local Aboriginal-targeted cancer initiatives
  • Provide input and advice to key stakeholders


AH&MRC receives funding from Cancer Australia and Cancer Institute NSW, and support from Cancer Council NSW, for the implementation of their cancer projects.

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