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pdf Living Well - Report

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Living Well - Report

This Report tells the story of mental health in NSW from the perspective of people who live here. This includes people who live with mental illness and pursue their recovery through work, art or connections to their communities – and those who are striving to change our systems of mental health support, so that they respond more effectively and more proportionately to people in distress.

This includes Aboriginal people, people who live in the country and the inner city, children and adults, and people from diverse cultures who bring all manner of life experiences to this document.

NSW Mental Health Commission (2014). Living Well: Putting people at the centre of mental health reform in NSW. Sydney, NSW Mental Health Commission.

pdf Living Well - Strategic Plan 2014-2024

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Living Well - Strategic Plan 2014-2024

For most of us, most of the time, our lives centre on our own activities, thoughts and feelings, and on our interactions with parents, partners and children, friends and neighbours, employers and colleagues, and those who share our interests.

This Plan sets out directions for reform of the mental health system in NSW over the next 10 years. These directions build on those extraordinary strengths we find in individuals, families and communities and hope to supplement them, when requested, with services which respect people and offer them support in ways they find helpful and that fit well with their lives.

NSW Mental Health Commission (2014). Living Well: A Strategic Plan for Mental Health in NSW. Sydney, NSW Mental Health Commission.

pdf National Strategic Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Mental Health and Social and Emotional Well Being (2004–2009)

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This Framework aims to respond to the high incidence of social and emotional well being problems and mental ill health, by providing a framework for national action. It has been developed under the auspices of the National Mental Health Working Group and the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Council, by the Social Health Reference Group, which was specially appointed to undertake this task.

The Framework recognises the strengths, resilience, and diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have different cultures and histories, and in many instances different needs, which must be acknowledged and may need to be addressed by locally developed, specific strategies.

pdf NSW Health Aboriginal Mental Health and Well Being Policy

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The NSW Aboriginal Mental Health and Well Being Policy 2006-2010 (the Policy) is a framework to guide NSW Health and NSW Area Mental Health Services (AMHSs) in the provision of culturally sensitive and appropriate mental health and social and emotional well being services to the Aboriginal community of NSW.
The Policy will improve the coordination of care for Aboriginal people in NSW by ensuring:

  • partnerships are formed with other relevant organisations resulting in strong working relationships;
  • accessible and responsive mental health services that cater for all ages and enable targeted priority areas; and
  • a supported and skilled workforce in Aboriginal mental health and well being and increasing the expertise and knowledge base in this area

pdf Peer SuperVision Training - Flyer

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As a result of collaboration with the Victorian Dual Diagnosis Unit and our adoption of the “Our Heal-ing Ways” SuperVision model, the AH&MRC are offering professional development workshops both in Sydney and throughout the state.

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