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pdf A-TRAC Framework

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A-TRAC Framework

The A-TRAC Framework is designed to guide and inform the efforts of everyone working in Aboriginal tobacco resistance and control in NSW and is available for download.

pdf A-TRAC Yarning Tool

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A-TRAC Yarning Tool

The Yarning Tool is a practical resource to support ACCHSs in coordinating and integrating tobacco control efforts by being a simple tool to guide the A-TRAC Framework into practice.

archive Aboriginal Tobacco Resistance Tool Kit

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Aboriginal Tobacco Resistance Tool Kit

The AH&MRC tobacco resistance and control (A-TRAC) team developed the kit in consultation with ACCHSs to ensure the resource addressed their needs in the workplace.

The kit is designed to be easy to use and practical, irrespective of how much or little experience someone has in tobacco control. In the kit you will find a number of modules on different topics. Each module contains a number of tools and templates to assist you in undertaking tobacco resistance and control initiatives. The templates are specifically designed so that they can be used as they are, or you can adapt them to suit the needs of your initiative and service.

The kit will be updated periodically and additional modules will be added as a need is identified.

We understand that ACCHSs have different approaches to tobacco resistance and control, therefore each of the modules has been designed to be stand alone. There may be some duplication of information in some modules because of this. If you have any suggestions or comments on the kit, or would like some support to use it, please dont hesitate to get in contact with the A-TRAC team. We hope that you find the kit useful and practical.

archive Kick The Habit Social Marketing Campaign - Elders Package

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<p>This package contains:</p>
<p><strong>PDF:</strong> Brochure Female, Brochure Male, Drink Bottle, Poster Female, Poster Male, Sticker, T-Shirt</p>
<p><strong>Audio:</strong> MP3+WAV Radio Ad</p>

archive Kick The Habit Social Marketing Campaign - Parents and Kids Package

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This package contains:

PDF: Football, Poster1, Poster2, Poster3, Pull Up Banner ,Sticker, T-Shirt

Audio: MP3+WAV Radio Ad

archive Kick The Habit Social Marketing Campaign - Youth Package

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This package contains:

PDF: Poster1, Poster2, Pull Up Banner, Sticker, Tatoo, T-Shirt

Audio: MP3+WAV Radio Ad

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