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pdf 10 out of 10 Deadly Health Stories

Download (pdf, 2.26 MB)


10 out of 10 Deadly Health Stories

The 10 out of 10 Deadly Health Stories: Nutrition and physical activity booklet presents 10 successful nutrition and physical activity programs from NSW Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services. Please find an electronic version of the booklet attached. Also in the future if you would like to order more hard copies please find attached an order form.

We encourage your feedback about this resource and also should your service have a story you would like to share, please let us know and hopefully we can work together to develop the next edition.

archive Chronic Disease Conference 2014 Presentations Day1+Day2

Download (zip, 193.50 MB)


All presentations of Conference Day 1+2 in one .zip file.

archive Living Longer Stronger Resource Kit: Booklet, Poster

Download (zip, 14.09 MB)


Living Longer Stronger Resource Kit: Booklet, Poster

The Resource Kit includes a specialist poster to help patients identify the health professionals they may need to see according to their chronic disease, an Aboriginal Health Worker Guide to assist AHWs to talk with their patients about their chronic disease and a patient tool that will help patients understand how their body is affected by their disease.

Who needs this resource?

This resource has been developed for Aboriginal Health Workers and other staff working in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services in NSW.

What is included in the resource kit?

  • 5 Specialist Posters
  • 5 Aboriginal Health Worker Guides
  • 10 Patient Tools (female)
  • 10 Patient Tools (male)

pdf PHAA Intouch Newsletter August 2012 with article from the Living Longer Stronger Conference 2012

Download (pdf, 5.03 MB)


PHAA Intouch Newsletter August 2012 with article from Living Longer Stronger: AH&MRC Chronic Disease Conference 2012 on page 11.

archive Radio Health Messages for healthy lifestyles and health checks

Download (zip, 6.97 MB)


Gadigal Information Service (Aboriginal Corporation) in partnership with the Chronic Disease Team developed audio messages to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles and health checks. This file contains 4 radio Ad's in mp3 file format.

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