The Project Officer (SEWB Workforce Support) will assist the coordination of initiatives and activities aimed at addressing the support, training and development needs of the SEWB workforce, with an emphasis on the social and emotional well being and mental health sector.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Support the SEWB WSU team and RTOs to ensure an annual training needs analysis occurs and forms the basis of the development of an annual training plan (individual and organisational) and that nationally recognised training is available that meets the mandatory minimum qualifications as set out in the relevant program handbooks
  • Promote best practice models of service delivery in SEWB programs
  • Monitor and assist with the coordination of the professional development, external professional supervision and cultural mentoring of the SEWB workforce
  • Assist with the development and delivery of training and development initiatives such as a SEWB workers induction and orientation kit, organisational SEWB policies and procedures and core roles and responsibilities of the workforce
  • Assist in the planning and delivery of state and regional forums
  • Develop and maintain spread sheets and/or a database to collect SEWB workforce data.

About the Organisation

Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services are accessible, sustainable, adequately resourced, have a skilled workforce, and meet the health needs and aspirations of Aboriginal peoples. Aboriginal peoples experience self-determination in all areas of their lives. Aboriginal peoples achieve physical, cultural, social and emotional wellbeing, and contribute to the overall health, wellbeing and strength of their communities.

The purpose of the AH&MRC is to:

    • lead the Aboriginal health agenda for better policies, programs, services, and practices
    • ensure Aboriginal knowledge informs decision-making processes
    • support, strengthen and sustain Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services.
Full Time
As per the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health service Award 2010.
30 June 2017

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