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AH&MRC Organisational Structure

“Aboriginal health” means not just the physical well-being of an individual but refers to the social, emotional and cultural well-being of the whole Community in which each individual is able to achieve their full potential as a human being thereby bringing about the total well-being of their Community. It is a whole of life view and includes the cyclical concept of life-death-life.

NACCHO Constitution, page 5

The AH&MRC is governed by a Board of Directors who are Aboriginal people elected by our members on a regional basis. We represent, support and advocate for our members and their communities on Aboriginal health at state and national levels.


The Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council of New South Wales (AH&MRC) is a public company limited by guarantee and incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001 [ACN 085 654 397].

The AH&MRC is registered as a Health Promotion Charity by the Australian Taxation Office and holds current Gift Deductibility Recipient status.


30 Year Anniversary Video

The first ACCHS was established by the local Aboriginal community in Redfern in July 1971. It was established principally to address the discrimination experienced by Aboriginal people in mainstream services; the ill health and premature deaths of Aboriginal people; and the need for culturally appropriate and accessible health services. Since then the number of ACCHSs have expanded in order to address Aboriginal health needs throughout the country.

The AH&MRC, formerly the Aboriginal Health Resource Co-operative Limited [AHRC], was established in 1985, becoming registered as a co-operative in 1990, following a recommendation taken from the NSW Aboriginal Task Force Report on Aboriginal Health in 1982-83. The Task Force’s Report recognized Aboriginal Community Control as crucial in laying the foundation for a better standard of health care for Aboriginal people. One of the important roles recommended for the AHRC [as it was then known] was to advise Ministers for Health and Aboriginal Affairs at State and Federal levels on Aboriginal health policy, programs and needs in NSW. The Report sought an increased measure of control by the Aboriginal community over health service delivery and resources and acknowledged that the Aboriginal community controlled health sector was the most appropriate means by which this outcome could  be achieved at both policy and service levels.

The AH&MRC became registered as a public company limited by guarantee in 1998.

The AH&MRC structure facilitates continuous community participation through the process of Aboriginal community control. This also enables the Aboriginal Community to influence policy development and health planning at all levels. This structure embodies the ongoing consultative and representative mechanisms essential for the gathering of views from the communities AH&MRC serves and to which it is accountable.

Strategic Plan

Our vision

Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services are accessible, sustainable, adequately resourced, have a skilled workforce, and meet the health needs and aspirations of Aboriginal peoples.

Aboriginal peoples experience self-determination in all areas of their lives.

Aboriginal peoples achieve physical, cultural, social and emotional wellbeing, and contribute to the overall health, wellbeing and strength of their communities.

Our purpose

The purpose of the AH&MRC is to:

  • lead the Aboriginal health agenda for better policies, programs, services, and practices
  • ensure Aboriginal knowledge informs decision-making processes
  • support, strengthen and sustain Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services.

Awards and Achievements

CategoryAward forFromYear
In appreciation of your support In establishing the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council Queensland Aboriginal & Islander Health Forum 2004
Aboriginal Health Management Training Program Outstanding contribution towards Aboriginal Employment and Career Development in a Health Setting NSW Health 2004
Working together to make a difference   NSW Health 2007
Enterprise and Resourcefulness The Coalition for Research to Improve Aboriginal Health NSW Health 2008
Innovation in Aboriginal Health Sexually Transmissible infections and blood borne viruses in Aboriginal Communities in NSW: Survey of knowledge, risk practice and access to services. NSW Health 2008
Innovation in Aboriginal Health The AH&MRC Pressing Problems Gambling Research Program NSW Health 2008
Working together to make a difference Chopped Liver - NSW Tour NSW Health 2009
Innovation in Aboriginal Health Use condoms & Enjoy Your Freedom NSW Health 2009
NSW Aboriginal Health Awards Innovation in Aboriginal Health – Pressing problems gambling research program NSW Health 2009
Excellence in Viral Hepatitis Health Promotion Award Awarded to AH&MRC for the health promotion project: “Where’s the Shame, Love Your Liver” Campaign Hepatitis Australia 2011
Mixed Winners AH&MRC Sydney Aboriginal Netball Carnival 2012
NSW Aboriginal Health Awards Hall of Fame - Sandra Bailey NSW Health 2014

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